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Email Autoresponders: Where to Find Help

The Internet is loaded with advice for creating email autoresponders. But not all of it is good. So, we've gathered together some of the better articles to help you with email autoresponder setup and content creation, all in one place.

How Pencil by 53 Nails Site Navigation

Site nagivation helps your customers find what they're looking for and really good site naviation can impact your bottom line. It’s important to factor in our target customer when developing site navigation, just as we consider them with copy and graphics. Here we outline an example of good site navigation at Pencil, by 53.

Hard Science Explained: The Persuasion Knowledge Model and Reciprocation

Reciprocity is a fundamental social norm which dictates that people repay positive actions such as gifts, favors, or concessions. Learn how to leverage the feeling of reciprocity in your customers without triggering a "what's the catch?" response.

How JM & Sons Nails Product Photography

Good product photography is crucial to a winning ecommerce experience. In this article, we examine how one specific shop does product photography with style.

Hard Science Explained: Improving Response to Loyalty Programs

Learn how to use our natual tendencies to want an advantage over our fellow shopper in this article about using Idisyncratic Fit Heuristic to boost the perceived value of customer loyalty programs.

An Example Email Course For Baby Clothes

Saying "write quality content" is easy. But actually doing it is hard. In this example, we show a real, quality drip email series for a store that sells baby clothes.

Rise Above the Email Marketing Fray: How To Create an Email Course on Mailchimp

Generic email newsletter blasts are boring and are likely to make your customers unsubscribe. This post teaches you how to create a truly compelling email course using Mailchimp to set ourself apart from the dregs of the marketing world

Five Ways to Keep in Touch With Existing Customers

For consumers, the “Wild West” of online sales is slowly turning into a much tamer destination shopping mall. And with this shift, customers have developed higher expectations for how their brands interact with and retain them. Use these five suggestions to stay ahead of the pack.

The Power of Retention Marketing

Think the Amazon Fire phone is just a money burn for the online retailer? You may not be considering the power of retention marketing.