E-Commerce Centric Customer Retention and Email

Bring Them Back For More, Automatically.

Retention Factory turns one-time customers into repeat business with analytics and hyper-targeted email

Oh, and it does this all automatically.


Fire-and-forget configuration to keep past customers engaged.


Send exactly the right message at exactly the right time to exactly the right customer.

Easy Setup

Start seeing results in minutes. Without wading through oceans of configuration screens.


Continues to learn and improve from your data, not just some generic assumptions.

How This All Works

We’re not some generalized statistical technique averaged over everyone in an entire industry. We train our algorithms exactly to your business and all its subtle, beautiful nuance and eccentricities.

Start first with simply knowing who comes back. Say you invest $10.76 in marketing costs for every sale you make. Does that investment ever lead to repeat purchases? How many of those customers come back? Is any of this improving over time? Retention Factory tells you this, and more, in simple, understandable terms.

In addition to knowing how many customers come back, it’s also useful to know when they come back. If 75% of your customers come back within 45 days or they don’t come back at all, then offering discounts and enticements after 45 days is basically free money. Retention Factory tells you what the “sweet spot” is for these discounts and can even offer them automatically.

Lastly, we do much of the email marketing automation you know you should do, but don't have time to set up. Want a monthly email sent to all your customers with pictures of your latest products? Just a few clicks and that's done, forever.

Heard enough? – Let’s start working.
We integrate with Shopify in 10 minutes, with zero code changes.

Features and Benefits: Not just Analytics. Action


First, we suck in order data from your existing eCommerce platform and use it to find interesting purchase patterns. For the first time ever, you’ll know answers to questions like these: Are my customers coming back? When do they come back?


Once you know how many customers come back, we help you understand why they came back and what to do about it. What products to returning customers purchase most often? What did they purchase previously? When is the right time to start offering discounts to save the relationship?


Finally, we’ll automatically send email to your past customers to try to bring them back for more. And we won’t spam them with one-size-fits-all generic newsletters. We’ll send them hyper-targeted email built just for them.

Want to see some screenshots?

You invested to bring customers in the first time, why not bring them back basically for free?
$10.76 in marketing for one sale isn't nearly as profitable as $10.76 for two or three sales, it's just math.

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I've spent 17 years in the software business. I've done everything from work on billion dollar trading systems, to printing pictures of cats on coffee mugs, to teaching people how to use a mouse. I'd like to bring my experience crossing the business-technical divide to bear on solving your repeat purchase problem. Still have questions? Don't want to give me your email address? Call my cell phone number at 1.510.457.1273. Yes, that's my real cell phone number. And you'll get a real human being on the other side. That's how dedicated I am to increasing repeat business for you.


Tim Cull, Managing Director